What is the best scooter brand?

They’re low-maintenance, they’re cheap, they’re nimble and they’re fast. Most people love them for their quaintness, unlike motorcycles that can be considered a menace. And while they may not have the gravitas of a motorcycle or car, they’re the best way to commute quickly at very little cost to their rider. 

We’re a scooter hire company, so you’d expect us to know which scooters are the best and most reliable. We do. We’ve been on the lookout for reliable scooters for years and have tried and tested the best to the worst. We’ll save you some time and tell you right now, Honda tends to always be our go to.

The FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) posted a report stating that Honda has dominated the scooter market in Australia with a 40% share in 2019. Moreover, in terms of overall market sales for both motorcycles and scooters, Honda has 25% market share. This is for good reason, their popularity being solely for their great value for money in affordability and performance. 

Below, we’ve listed our top two favourite go-to scooters for your consideration, whether you’re looking to rent/hire or buy your own.

Honda PCX 150 

This affordable two wheeled machine does what it’s supposed to do, get you from A to B quickly. All models from 2013 afterwards have slightly more powerful engines, larger fuel tank capacity plus improved design to make its appearance more sporty. It also features a 12-volt charging port (great for keeping your phone charged during long distance navigation), easy helmet hook, LCD instrument displays and LED lights. A small storage space can be found in the front, perfect for holding gloves or a drink bottle.

If you’re wondering what’s under the seat, the PCX 150 houses a 4-stroke, 149CC, liquid cooled, 80 degree engine that produces over 13 horsepower and 10.3 lb-ft of torque. So while it might not be the most powerful scooter available, it will never give you any trouble and its priced well below other scooters of its calibre. 

Honda SH150

High performance and light handling, the SH150 enables you to make cross-town errands and commuting daily a seamless task. Most notably, it’s PGM-FI fuel injection provides optimal motor performance. Fuel-saving technology such as idling stop provides great convenience when waiting at lights during peak hour, but also acts as the perfect feature for food delivery drivers who need to get off their scooter quickly without turning off and on their scooters frequently.

One of the best features of this scooter, which isn’t seen frequently in models of this price range, is it’s Honda Smart Key System. The Smart Key can stay in the rider’s pocket and does not require the rider to constantly insert and remove the key for ignition – perfect for food delivery drivers.

Why rent from Scooter Hire Melbourne?

  1. We offer emergency replacement for a faulty scooter.
  2. All main costs are covered and inclusive in your weekly rental fee (servicing, registration, insurance, helmet and phone holder).
  3. The fuel economy on our scooters is impeccable, averaging about 2.1 litres per 100km’s.
  4. Easy, straightforward low cost rental price.
  5. Responsive and helpful customer service
  6. High scooter availability, even during peak periods.
  7. Only the bets, high quality, reliable popular scooter brands