A Reliable Menulog Scooter Rental Service

Scooter Hire Melbourne only picks the best scooters that are perfect for your Menulog delivery travels. We have an ample amount of reliable and affordable scooters for hire, all coming from different brands to suit your liking.

Scooter Brands Include:

  • Honda
  • KTM Duke
  • Suzuki
  • Free Regular Maintenance
  • Scooter Upgrade

All our scooters are high-quality and roadworthy regardless of whatever scooter you choose.

Why Choose A Scooter For Menulog Delivery?

Scooter Hire Melbourne is your best companion for your Menulog delivery business. Giving you only the latest scooters and an all-inclusive service, your Menulog delivery experience will be seamless. If you’ve ever thought about driving Deliveroo then we have the scooters for you!

The food delivery business is can be tough one and requires a vehicle that can be put to the test. With Scooter Hire Melbourne, our wide scooter selection availability gives you freedom of choice.

The number one reason scooters are the most popular choice for the food delivery business is due to their efficiency and easy to use nature. Not to mention, scooters are also more affordable to rent compared to cars too.

Why Choose Us?

With a plethora of scooter rentals in Melbourne, Here are a few reasons why you should consider trying our service...

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How To Hire The Scooter Of Your Dreams!

Perks Only For You

With exciting perks for you to choose from, you can enhance your Menulog scooter rental experience without additional charge. These perks are also tailorable based on your liking so you can opt for only what you need and nothing you don’t. All the things you need in a delivery scooter rental, we have it!

Pricing Plans

Per Week

SYM Orbit II 125

Honda SH150

Honda CB125

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Per Week

SYM Orbit II 125

Honda SH150

Honda CB125

Hire Now
Per Week

SYM Orbit II 125

Honda SH150

Honda CB125

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A Service You Can Trust

Scooter Hire Melbourne is your ultimate partner for Menulog delivery. We also have some exclusive perks for Menulog drivers and other food delivery services!

Why Use Our Service?

Deliver all you want all day and night with our unlimited-kilometre perk. No matter how far you go, we won’t charge you an extra cent for it. Have the freedom to deliver Menulog food orders all around Melbourne. Drive without the worry of exceeding distance caps.

Don’t own a helmet? We’ve got your back. Scooter Hire Melbourne gives you a free helmet for a much safer ride while delivering food. It saves you the hassle of purchasing your own, which can be a few hundred dollars.

Every food delivery driver needs a phone holder for easy multitasking. Suppose you’re lost and only relies on your smartphone’s GPS and map app. With a free phone folder, you can place your phone upfront and drive your way through without the need of reaching for your phone in your pocket.

Worried about your rented scooter breaking down over time? Scooter Hire Melbourne offers you free maintenance so you don’t have to pay for replacement parts.

Scooter Hire Melbourne will immediately give you a replacement scooter in case your current one has been accidentally damaged or has broken down while on the road. You also don’t need to worry about additional payments, as all rental scooters are already covered with included maintenance and insurance plans.

Need a rest day? You can take your rented scooter anywhere within Victoria when you’re not working. Whether you want to relax at the beach, eat at your favourite cafe or restaurant, or visit your friend’s house on the other side of the town, you have the freedom to do so.

A Full Tank for Free 

Here at Scooter Hire Melbourne, we provide a free full tank so you can use your rented scooter and deliver Menulog orders to the many customers across Melbourne.

We still have a lot of perks for you to choose and tailor depending on your preference. Be it a helmet, phone holder, referral bonuses, rain jackets, insurance, and a whole lot more.

Here at Scooter Hire Melbourne, we are not just your ordinary rental service. But we are an all-around customer-centric rental service with a goal to put customers first by helping people, one scooter at a time.

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