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Looking for high-quality scooters without breaking the bank?

We’ve got you covered here at Scooter Hire Melbourne. You can rent various scooter brands ranging from Honda, SYM, KYMCO, Suzuki, with plenty of scooter models to choose from. 

Scooters are the perfect vehicle for a food delivery service such as Deliveroo. Scooters are more economical, affordable, and easy to use. Even if you have little to no experience with a scooter, once you’ve got your license you’ll find they’re very easy to manoeuvre and control. 

Our goal as a company is to provide the best scooters available for food delivery drivers. Here at Scooter Hire Melbourne, we assure you that every scooter is in excellent, road-worthy condition before we hand them over to you.

We don’t want you delivering food around with a damaged or dangerous scooter. And that’s why scooter maintenance is all included along with other perks that you can customise to your liking.

Presented by Us, Tailored by You

With our scooter rental service, you can tailor your experience to make it more the way you want it. Should you use it only for a day or two, or go full speed ahead for the week, you got it. You can also choose from a wide variety of add-on options for a much more enjoyable experience such as:

  • Full Fuel Tank
  • Free Regular Maintenance
  • Emergency Support
  • Extended Usage
  • Free Regular Maintenance
  • Scooter Upgrade

We Are Open for Reservations

Want to experience the best scooter rental for Deliveroo? Scooter Hire Melbourne is your best choice. With high-quality scooters and a bunch of add-ons to choose from, every dollar you spend on your rental scooter will be returned to you in time & hassled saved.

And to keep you ahead of the crowd, we are open for reservations so you can get yours as early needed. Feel free to call us on 1300 581 807, or email us at and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Why Choose Us?

With a plethora of scooter rentals in Melbourne, Here are a few reasons why you should consider trying our service...

IT technology
IT technology

How To Hire The Scooter Of Your Dreams!

Add-ons Galore

We have a wide variety of perks for you to enhance your scooter rental experience. Here are some of them:

24/7 Customer Support

Have questions about our service? Need help with your scooter? Our professional support agents will be glad to assist you. Have a quick call using the phone number we provided and help is just one answer away. 


We also offer roadside support. So if you’re unfortunately stuck in the middle of the road due to an accident, our team will be there immediately to give you assistance.

Free Phone Holder

A food delivery vehicle won’t be complete without a phone holder. Multitasking in the middle of the road is a recipe for disaster. But with a phone holder, multitasking has never been easier for riders. 


A smartphone and maps app is needed for this kind of business. And this is where phone holders come in handy. Turn on your GPS, open your maps application, slide your phone into the holder and you’re ready to work. It’s also ideal for answering customer calls without reaching into your pockets.

Pricing Plans

Per Week

SYM Orbit II 125

Honda SH150

Honda CB125

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Per Week

SYM Orbit II 125

Honda SH150

Honda CB125

Hire Now
Per Week

SYM Orbit II 125

Honda SH150

Honda CB125

Hire Now

Limitless Kilometres

Deliveroo is all about delivering various meals and beverages to different neighbourhoods and households. It’s common for delivery drivers to move between areas of Melbourne based on demand. That’s why we offer unlimited kilometres so you can ride as much as you wish to make the most money when working.


And not only that, but you can also take advantage of this perk for other purposes too. Rest day? Get your beach equipment ready, get on the scooter, and travel to Melbourne’s hundreds of beaches along its coastal lines.

Free Reflective Scooter Vest

Working a night shift? A reflective scooter vest is all you need. This add-on is perfect for riders that are hustling in the middle of the night to deliver those meals. Reflective scooter vests’ have been statistically proven to reduce accidents by making the rider more visible. VicRoads also requires learner riders to wear a high visibily vest or jacket at all times, so it’s in our best interest that you’re safe.

Tyre Replacement

It’s not often that drivers experience a flat tyre, but it can happen from time to time. Worry no more because you don’t have to spend money and time having a tire replaced.


As part of your plan, tyre replacement is included. Simply bring the scooter to our main shop or call our customer support so we can replace the tire on the spot for you. 


Add-ons are just as important as scooter brand/model choices in a scooter rental company. With these perks, you’re provided with extra benefits to make your rental worth every cent.


At Scooter Hire Melbourne, we continue to improve our services by listening to customer feedback on what you like or don’t like, and what add-ons should be added to give you more choices to enhance your rental experience.

Why Use Our Service?

Every scooter you can rent from us all comes in good condition. In case there are some broken parts caused by other customers, we will quickly find a fix to ensure that it is working in a top-notch condition once you’re the next in line.

We believe that every scooter should be handled with care. So as a customer, we encourage you to use the scooter carefully and make sure that it comes back in good condition. 

You also have the freedom to choose a scooter brand of your liking. Be it Suzuki, Honda, BMX, you name it! Here at Scooter Hire Melbourne, we have a handful of popular scooter brands that are readily available for you.

In addition, we only provide the latest scooter models that are available in the market. So rest assured that all the scooters you are going to rent are brand new.

Want to deliver food and work for UberEats, Menulog, Deliveroo or Menulog or any of your favourite restaurants or cafes? Our scooter rental service has got you covered. We have a handful of scooters that are made specifically for food delivery needs.

Not to mention, the perks we mentioned earlier are also applicable for this business as well. That means you can deliver all you want day to night thanks to unlimited kilometres, free fuel, and the like.

And as an added bonus, we also have business-specific perks too such as free motorbike helmets and free phone holders.

Need help or having problems with your scooter rental? Our customer support team is here to help you out. You can call no matter the time of the day or where you are currently at and our support team will be there in a jiffy.

We believe that every consumer who tries our service needs customer support they can rely on, and this is definitely the one you are looking for. Our 24/7 customer support is here to cater all your needs round the clock.

Overall, we deliver satisfactory services to enhance your rental experience. Add-ons, high-quality scooters, unbeatable customer service, maintenance and a whole lot more. There’s no better time to try out our service than now and enjoy all the benefits you can’t get from our competitors.

Feel Free to Contact Us

We are just one call away if you have any concerns or queries about our service. Feel free to contact us using our hotline number or via email.

We’ll always strive to get back to you as soon as possible. No question is too big or small, our friendly team is always willing to assist you.

Customer satisfaction is the core of our business, we believe anything can be achieved through customer support.

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