How Popular is Online Food Delivery in Victoria in 2020

2020 has been a rough year for many industries, especially here in Melbourne where we are still under stage 4 lockdown and government handouts are drying up. The ability to keep takeaway restaurants and cafes open has been a great help in keeping Melbournians in jobs and the delivery app companies are making it easier for those who have lost their jobs to earn money.

Whilst many people have less money at the moment due to reduced work, it does not appear to have stopped people from wanting to order food delivery. It certainly beats going to the supermarket and avoiding the potential COVID-19 germs. Here are some Google Trends data to show how many people are Googling these services.


The graph above shows the comparable interest in “Ubereats” in Victoria over time. You can see that when the lockdown hit in April 2020 the interest raised higher than it did for all of 2019. It’s certainly a good time for Ubereats deliveries


Did somebody say Menulog? On the back their massive marketing campaign with Snoop Dogg, Menulog has never been more popular in Melbourne than in 2020. Great work and a great campaign. 


Doordash is much newer than the others, so it was naturally going to improve in interest. Please note that this graph is relative to the term itself, it does not mean that Doordash is necessarily more popular than either of the above, it just means its interest has grown. 


Deliveroo seems to have built up a loyal following and is the only one that hasn’t grown in interest. The fact that it hasn’t dropped too much given there are more new competitors now and many places are starting to deliver their own food as well. 

Want to get into food delivery work?

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This is particularly great if you’ve lost your job due to the coronavirus lockdowns or you’ve had your hours reduced. You can now work your own hours and delivery jobs allow you to stay out past curfews as food delivery is an important service. Everyone has to eat and with the uncertainty of 2020 and even 2021, food delivery work is surely more profitable than rideshare services, so a scooter is perfect! 

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