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Inclusions For Every Hire

With our scooter rental service, you can tailor your experience to make it more the way you want it. Should you use it only for a day or two, or go full speed ahead for the week, you got it. You can also choose from a wide variety of add-on options for a much more enjoyable experience such as:

Full Petrol Tank

At Scooter Hire Melbourne, we provide a free full tank so you can use your rented scooter and deliver Menulog orders to the many customers across Melbourne.

Regular Servicing Included

Worried about your rented scooter breaking down over time? Scooter Hire Melbourne offers you free maintenance so you don’t have to pay for replacement parts.

Emergency Roadside Replacement

Scooter Hire Melbourne will immediately give you a replacement scooter in case your current one has been accidentally damaged or has broken down while on the road. You also don’t need to worry about additional payments, as all rental scooters are already covered with included maintenance and insurance plans.

Free Comprehensive Insurance

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Unlimited Kilometers

Deliver all you want all day and night with our unlimited-kilometre perk. No matter how far you go, we won’t charge you an extra cent for it. Have the freedom to deliver Menulog food orders all around Melbourne. Drive without the worry of exceeding distance caps.

Helmet & phone holder

Don’t own a helmet? We’ve got your back. Scooter Hire Melbourne gives you a free helmet for a much safer ride while delivering food. It saves you the hassle of purchasing your own, which can be a few hundred dollars.

A Scooter To Meet All Your Needs

We have tons of different scooter choices for each brand so you can rent whichever one is best for you and your delivery needs. We also make sure that they are in top-notch condition too.

Scooters always checked and maintained between each rental period. Whenever a previous rider may have made accidental damage to a scooter, it will be repaired and deemed road-worthy to ensure a safe driving experience for its next user.

Scooter Hire Melbourne believes that customers should enjoy a premium and quality experience while ensuring safety for themselves and others on the road.


The Most Affordable Scooter Hire In Melbourne

Are you looking for reliable scooter hire in Melbourne to get you from A to B? We've thought of everything to make your scooter rental process seamless.

Customer Support You Can Trust

If you have any concerns or queries about your rental plan, or you want to include or exclude an add-on, our professional customer support team will be more than happy to assist you.

You can call us on 1300 581 807, or send us an email at [email protected] Even if you’re not ready to start renting a scooter and just have questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them for you.


We Support Every Delivery Service

Be it your favourite cafe or local restaurant, Scooter Hire Melbourne’s rental service supports any food establishment that accepts delivery. We’ve partnered with every major food establishment here in Melbourne so that you can use your scooter to deliver food from any food outlet. This includes:

Any local restaurant,  cafe or bar.

Inbuilt Phone Holder


Multitasking can be a bit tricky when you’re on the road. Suppose your customer calls you to provide further delivery information? This is when a phone holder becomes necessary.

With a phone holder, you can have your phone within your peripheral vision and navigate with your smartphone’s Maps app to guide you to your destination.

Sudden customer call? Answer it with a single tap and continue to talk with both of your hands on the handlebars. A phone holder will help prevent distractions while driving and keep you safe.

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Absolutely. Renting a scooter is more economical and affordable compared to cars which are far more expensive. A scooter is also easier to use and doesn’t take much of a learning curve. Which means anyone, even without enough scooter knowledge, can learn how to ride a scooter.

For insurance purposes, the minimum age to hire a scooter is 21.

To rent a scooter, you need either a valid Australian or International Drivers license. Your license must cover motorbikes/scooters. If you’re a learner driver, our scooters are LAMS approved.

Yes, and you can even make it three or more. Regardless of whether you want to rent for you and your friend or for the entire family, Scooter Hire Melbourne will be glad to assist you. Though keep in mind that it will depend on the availability of our scooters as well. If our scooters are readily unavailable, then we can only provide what’s currently available in our storehouse.

No worries. All our rentals include comprehensive insurance by default, so you don’t have to deal with repairs which can cost a lot of money. We also encourage our customers to drive safely whenever they rent a scooter with us to avoid further accidents.

Yes, we do. Be it Uber-Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog, any local restaurants, fast food chains, and cafes here in Melbourne. If you want to start a food delivery business and need to hire a scooter, we’re your number one choice.

Yes, you can. Scooter Hire Melbourne is not only limited to the people of Melbourne, but also to any visitors with a valid international drivers license. With our scooter rental, you can save much more compared to commuting with public transport or rideshare.

The Most Affordable Scooter Hire In Melbourne

Are you looking for reliable scooter hire in Melbourne to get you from A to B? We've thought of everything to make your scooter rental process seamless.

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