Can You Ride a Scooter With a Car License?

Whether you’re visiting Australia on a visa, or you’re a local who wants to hire a scooter, there are various rules and requirements to be eligible. Especially, with regards to the state that you’ll be driving in.

What Are The Types Of Licences You Need For A Scooter?

In terms of actually being able to actually ride a scooter in Australia, it varies from state to state. In actual fact there are a few states that allow riding like the wind with only a motorcycle licence. Others will allow you to ride scooters that have a small motor and only provide a certain horsepower. 

Let’s think about this logically though, riding a scooter and driving a car are two completely different things. Just like riding a motor scooter and riding a pushbike are two different experiences, the risk involved in riding a motorised scooter without the relevant experience can be deadly.

Riding a scooter requires a different sort of patience, alertness and skill level all together. The facts are when you are riding a scooter or motorbike you can pick up speed a lot faster than if you were to ride a car. The benefits of that compete with that fact that if you are flying past a car on the freeways and they don’t see you, it’s probable that you are going to be clipped.

Which States Require You To Have A Motorbike Licence?

According to Vic Roads you are going to need a full licence before you jump on that scooter or bike and start riding. You’re probably thinking, why would I need one? Well, if you have ever been to Melbourne you know how it is. There are a fair few cases of crazy and impatient drivers in Melbourne and the fact of the matter is that it is only getting worse due to the congestion on the freeways and suburbs.

How Much Riding Experience Do I Need Before Travelling In Melbourne?

When it comes down to experience, we would recommend you have plenty of it before riding in Melbourne! Due to the fact that there is a fair amount of traffic and lunatic drivers it’s essential that your skills when manoeuvring and envisioning possibilities ahead are well on-point. If you’re just wanting to get into Deliveroo, Menulog or Ubereats then good luck with that!

How Do I Get A Scooter Licence In Melbourne?

Well, that’s easy however we have a complete other blog about that one here. If you simply jump onto the VicRoads website you will find that all you need to do is complete a hazards test alongside a 2 full day course that will get you through. Once you’ve completed the course you will be issued with an L (Learner) plate that will be valid for around 15 months. After that you can go and get your full bike licence and truly ride like the wind, or on a harley-davidson or course, or even join a bike club!

man in black jacket riding motorcycle on road during daytime

Carrying passengers on scooters

Unlike motorbikes, the rules on having a passenger on a scooter are very strict. The only state in Australia that allows passengers on scooters is Queensland. In Queensland, scooter drivers can have a passenger only if the driver has held their motorcycle license for a minimum of 12 months. We recommend you check the latest road rules with your state’s road authority before proceeding to take a passenger on your bike.

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Riders with a learner license

Learner riders in Western Australia and South Australia are required to pass riding tests  before they can legally ride a moped. On the other hand, Queenslanders with a learner or provisional license can ride mopeds.

As you can see, unlike other popular travel destinations where scooters are a popular mode of transport, Australia’s rules are actually quite stringent. Hopefully you leave this article with more insight into the rules on riding a scooter in Melbourne. However, please refer to the state’s road authority for the latest rules and requirements to ride a scooter. 

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