Which side of the fence are you on? Bike or Ebike? Regardless, we’ll assume you’re in the business of delivering meals while they’re still hot. With minimal effort and optimum speed. After all, 5 star ratings are the lifeblood of the delivery business.

In this article we’ll give you insight into what to look for in a bike plus reviews of the top-rated, highly sought after bikes that are best suited for Deliveroo, Menulog or Uber-Eats.

Firstly, here’s a few things to consider when purchasing a bike.

Types of Bikes

As a general rule, you’ll most commonly see road bikes and hybrid bikes being used by delivery partners. Mountain bikes really aren’t suitable for food delivery due to the size and tread of their tires being thicker, requiring more effort to push the bike.

Bike Size

It’s vital for good posture and a comfortable ride, that the bike that you choose suits your height. If you’re unsure which size frame suits you, especially when ordering a bike online, it’s recommended that you go into a store and get a feel for it first. That way, you’ll be able to determine which bike frame is suitable for your height. We could talk about determining bike frame size, but it’s always best to keep it simple; try before you buy.


Once again, if you try a bike in-store, test the brakes. If they can bring you to a sudden stop, that’s all you can ask for. We can’t stress how important it is to have powerful, reliable breaks. The sheer amount of accidents that occur due to cars coming out of laneways, and bicycle riders not being able to stop suddenly, is untenable.

Any bike with disc brakes will offer you the most stopping power. Disc brakes offer greater stopping power than traditional rubber breaks, especially in wet weather. If you’re wondering what disc brakes look like, refer to the image below. Basically, a metal disc in the centre of the wheel, as opposed to traditional brakes which have a rubber pad that presses on the rim of the bike’s wheel.


If you’re riding on the road or at speed, up or down hills, a wide selection of gears are vital. If you’re riding uphill, you’ll want to use a lower gear and vice versa. 

Some delivery partners use fixed gear bikes, more commonly known as ‘fixies’, but these are only suitable for short distances or flat terrain suburban areas. Such bikes are popular due to their style, and can require less maintenance due to their lack of gears. However, we’d always suggest a bike with gears for delivery partners.

Our Reviews


Electric Bikes - E-Bikes and E-Trikes by XDS – XDS Bikes
The XDS E-XPRESS Electric Bicycle in black

Want to take the effort out of riding a bike when delivering food between homes and restaurants? While bicycles can often be a cheaper alternative to scooters, it can become very tiring riding back and forth to deliver meals. E-Bikes have become a popular addition in recent years to help riders go the extra mile.

Enter the XDS E-Express electric bike. Featuring a Shimano Step system in it’s cycle computer, this e-bike provides the most effortless delivery experience available. 

A user-friendly display allows you to switch between 4 modes of pedal assistance.

  1. High – for the ultimate speed boost
  2. Normal – for smooth & constant support
  3. Eco – enabling long distance travel (perfect for longer shifts)
  4. Walk assist – to help you move the bike when not in use

The cycle computer will also track trip statistics such as distance and average speed.

The XDS E-Express is powered by a Shimano Mid-Drive motor. Mid-drive motors are the most popular option in e-bikes, as they allow you to pedal while being assisted by the motor. This provides many benefits, most notably a significant increase in range and speed. While usage may vary, you can expect a range of up to 75km on a single charge, more than enough for a night’s work on Uber Eats.

The E-Express has a focus on safety. Airbags, you ask? Not quite. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes in fact. Possibly the best brakes on an e-bike that provide instant stopping power, even in the rain – a must when navigating busy footpaths and streets.

The lightweight alloy frame allows for optimum maneuverability, with mudguards attached – smart, but not so sexy. 

Whether you’re an Uber Eats aficionado, or dedicated to Deliveroo, the XDS E-Express is maybe the best choice for food delivery partners.


XDS E-Scape 24″ 3-Speed E-Trike – Metro Cycles

Take a seat and you’ll get flashbacks to your 3 year old self. But this bike has a few more bells and whistles than your Tonka Trike had.

The makers of this bike pitch it to those that want a leisurely ride through the park, or a low cost grocery getter. But let’s be real, you need a powerful bike to deliver meals.

Introducing the E-Scape 24 inch e-tricycle in grey. We found this bad boy through “Bicycle Store” and noticed it was heavily reduced from around $1,999 to $1.699.99! 

E-Trikes are a fantastic option for those out there that may want an easier ride, or may not have the stability to manage a traditional 2 wheeler. Generally, a normal adult 3 wheeled bike can be cumbersome and tiring to operate, however with the assistance of an electric motor – it’s a hold different story.

Many would say this bike is an absolute joy to ride, but what we wanted to identift is whether or not any type of rider, whether experience or not, can travel on this bike.

Most would say this bike is an absolute joy for the heart and soul, but what we wanted to really identify is that any type of rider whether experienced or not can travel on this bike.

The in-built, low maintenance electric motor will get you from A to B with ease. A leisurely ride to the park? Maybe a trip to the supermarket. The rear steel basket has ample room for a picnic for two or your weekly shop. Regardless of where you’re going, the powerful rechargeable battery will get you anywhere and everywhere in little to no time.

This bike is pimped with the latest features:

  1. Use the E-Scape’s LCD display to track your trip stats,
  2. Cadence Motor Pedalling with speeds up to 25km/h!
  3. 36V Lithium ION battery for trips past 50km in distance.

Need more convincing?

XDS Bikes are designed in Melbourne, Australia. The creative design is equipped with quality components that are used in other house-hold brands including Weinerman, Tektro and RST.

The low step-over frame makes the E-Scape simple to mount and dismount, and a high sweptback handlebar gives riders a vintage flair and an upright riding posture that’s easy on the back. Amsterdam style baby.

GHOST Square Cross 1.8 Bike 

With roots in the mountain bike family, this hybrid, sculpted piece of art is the perfect bike for fitness enthusiasts by day. As night turns and people start to get hungry, the press of a button will transform this manual mover into a motorised, food delivering machine. Great for on and off-rain terrain.

With variable frame sizes, you’ll find a suitable fit. Germans are most well-known for their sausages and their cars, but we’re adding bikes to the list.

This hybrid genius utilises responsive front suspension, with a ‘hardtail’ and lockable suspension, riders can propel forward without losing momentum when on the road. Effortless propulsion.

A variable selection of gears is vital, for low speed uphill and rapid descent descent. Coupled with front and back hydraulic disc brakes, you’ve got the stopping power of a rhino at your fingertips.

Eurobike EURXC550

Ok, just take a look at this bike. It’s clearly on the higher end of road bikes. Think again, you can pick it up for less than $300. 

If you’re on a tight budget, yet you want a bike that looks great and packs all the best features we’ve talked about – here you go. Disc brakes, 21-speed gears plus 700C wheels. Standard road bike features at a budget price.

The Eurobike EURXC550

The downside to this budget-friendly beast is the weight. If you need to carry your bike up and downstairs, keep in mind this weighs 20kgs.  

Otherwise, it’ll arrive on your doorstep preassembled – perfect if you’re not handy with the tools. It’s one hell of a cool looking bike and is the ideal starting point for any rider. You’ll just need to be able to install the front wheel, seat, handlebar, pedals and fill the tires with air. If that sounds complicated to you, don’t worry – it took us all of 15 minutes with the assistance of a video tutorial.

I wish you luck in finding a better bike for the price. No seriously, let me know if you do.

If bikes aren’t your speed, maybe it’s time to look at hiring a scooter or motorbike?